Sunset Waterfall

Frame:Matted Print

Sunset Waterfall -Matted Art Print

"Every time I go for a hike in Hawai'i my path generally leads to a beautiful cliffside vista or a beautiful waterfall (sometimes both!) I remember one instance where we had hiked into a very special beach on the North West side of Kaua'i. We were making our way back on the 4 hour hike when my husband suggested we should go wash off at this beautiful waterfall that was "Really close by" we hiked for about 90 minutes when we came upon this natural beauty I had been promised. We went for a swim in the frigid waters, walked behind the falls and played like we were little kids again. Before we knew it, the late afternoon was giving into the evening and we found ourselves with the decision to hike out mostly in the dark or just enjoy being where we were. We watched the sunset, built a fire and settled in for the night."

                                                            - H.Brown

This print comes with an embossed mat and is created on recycled and sustainable sugarcane paper. It includes a brief biography of the artist attached to the back and is available in 3 sizes. 

To accompany your print, we have a selection of hand-crafted frames available in a variety of colors to suit your decorating needs. We strive to use as much re-purposed and recycled wood as possible in the building of our frames.

Giclee on Paper

*Please allow for a possible production time of up to 3 weeks, before packing & shipment.

***Actual frame color and size may be different from a sample image.

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