Next Left

"Next Left" Matted Fine Art Print
(Original illustration was created in 2020, 9x12” acrylic, colored pencil on wood panel)
Size: 11x14
This illustration is inspired by a road I routinely traveled a summer job in the next town over. It’s one road in, and one road out. After driving through dense forest along both sides of a straight road for several miles, you’re suddenly met with a sharp left turn that puts you at the base of the majestic Ko’olau mountains. A little blue house is the first thing that welcomes you into the sleepy town of Waimānalo.

• Actual print measures 8x10" printed 100% cotton archival paper.
• Print comes with a 11x14" mat board and backing, and clear archival bag.

* *Please allow for a possible production time of up to 3 weeks, before packing & shipment.

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