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Mike Field

MIKE FIELD was born in the 1960s in Guam but quickly relocated to Oahu. He received his BFA from Loyola Marymount University in 1990, and soon after, found himself back in Hawaii. Since then, Mike has built up quite a portfolio in several areas such as graphic design, fine art original paintings, and, most recently, his fine are giclee prints.

Having grown up in such an inspiring place, Mike has come to truly embody all that is Hawaii and immersed himself in various island sports. For the past few decades, Mike has enjoyed canoe paddling, surfing, canoe sailing, open ocean swimming, etc. It is through these experiences that Mike has found an abundance of inspiration for his creativity and artwork. In his fine art prints, people share the spotlight along with the island landscape and vegetation.

Currently, Mike lives and paints high atop Mount Hualalai, on the Big Island, with his wife, Terry, and their two kids. You can find him late at night in his studio, among his sketches, canvases, surf boards, and canoe paddles.