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I'm Kevin. Husband to Scarlett, dad to Ozzie, best friend to Sunny the dog. I’m originally from Santa Cruz, California, currently living in Venice Beach. I surf small waves on big boards and draw Rad Cars with Rad Surfboards.

I grew up a few blocks from the beach and had a dad that rebuilt old cars as a hobby. So I had a connection with cars and surfing from an early age. This specific project started with me drawing my own rad car and rad surfboard — a mustard yellow 1982 Volvo wagon, with my magical T. Reynolds log up top. Then I drew my friend’s old Land Rover as a gift and a few of the cars my dad rebuilt while I was growing up. Then I started drawing rad cars I would love to own or that I saw around town. Then people started asking me to draw their cars. Next thing I knew I had drawn over a hundred of them and was planning a solo exhibition. I've been going ever since.


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1968 Citroen AMI 6&10 Oneill IntruderⅡ(circa 1960)
1968 Citroen AMI 6&10 Oneill IntruderⅡ(circa 1960)