Brian Bent Art Show

Brian Bent Art Show

Meet the Artist, Brian Bent from CA

Date: Friday, April 15th, 2022

Time: 5PM - 7PM

Location: Greenroom Gallery Diamond Head / Queen Kapiolani Hotel Lobby

Brian Bent is a true inspiration working in various creative fields, developing a unique and recognizable style that is inspired by the early 60s. He is an artist, surfer, skater, and a minister at the Hod Rod church. He paints on most of his clothes, cars, boards, skates, and other available canvases. San Diego is not only the locale where he lives, but where he met up with filmmaker Taylor Filasky for this biopic. Take a peek into Brian's home in our new book Surf Shacks. Edited by surf-centric blog Indoek, the volume is an eclectic compilation of creative surfer’s homes from coast to coast and overseas.