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Small Aloha Shirt

Hope For Man

Small Aloha Shirt


Shirt Story & Profile:

"Zen Garden"
Small Size
100% Cotton Sateen
HRH Label, Style 11, Reversed
Printed in Kurashiki- Chugoku Region, Japan
Circa early 1980s

"We worked closely with Kurabo, a large textile company in Osaka, Japan, in the 1980s. They were especially generous and shared their best artists and branch managers with us as we grew our shirt business. Kurabo was printing a line of fabrics that they referred to as their 'Sarasa' collection. These were printed on cotton sateen, a fabric we also used for their domestic market, where the prints would be for futon covers, wrapping cloths, and kimono obi.

'Sarasa' got its origin during the 16th century when Portuguese seafaring traders introduced cotton calicos from India to Japan. These beautiful, exotic fabrics became very popular with the samurai and merchant classes.

Today's 'Sarasa' are a combination of distinct Indian influence and Japanese textile makers' skill and art style that had been passed down for centuries. We were fortunate to be able to share these designs with Kurabo, as they were unusual and appreciated by our diverse customers in Hawaii."