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Medium Aloha Shirt II

Hope For Man

Medium Aloha Shirt II


Shirt Story & Profile:

Medium Size
100% Cotton Broadcloth
Kahala Label, Style 11, Reversed
Printed in Kurashiki- Chugoku Region, Japan
Circa 1987

"We went to Tahiti in the early 1980s and became enamored with the lifestyle and the simple way images were expressed on everything. Simple designs captured the mood of the South Pacific on storefronts, clothes, water, and beer labels. We returned to work with our friend and master textile designer, June Yatsunoff, who had moved to Maui to retire and build a home in Makawao with her husband.

June understood the charm of Polynesia, as she had sailed their with her husband on their sailboat and spent time around all the islands. We asked June to work on a pattern that was simple with a Pareo theme. She cleverly created a layout with stylized hibiscus flowers. Ample ground space allowed the flowers to really stand out, flowing across the shirt. June created many classic timeless Pareo designs for HRH and Kahala."