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Large Aloha Shirt II

Hope For Man

Large Aloha Shirt II


Shirt Story & Profile:

"Wall of Night Blooming Cereus"
Large Size
45% Cotton, 55% Polyester
HRH, Style 11
Printed in Honolulu, HI

"We worked closely with artist Nicholas Black to pay tribute to the Night Blooming Cereus. We had seen them occasionally bloom as teenagers- at our school, Punahou, in lower Manoa, if we came to school early in the morning. As we created shirt designs in our early days of manufacturing, we remembered the walls surrounding school covered with beautiful blossoms. We found out that one of the greatest flowers from Hawaii was actually a Mexican cactus that came to Oahu from Acapulco, with a sea captain who presented the plant to a missionary school teacher.

She planted in on the Punahou School Campus where it still flourishes on the wall surrounding the school today. These unforgettable flowers only open at night. Nicholas carefully hand illustrated them, all right side up with lots of space between the elements so the eye could really appreciate all of the components. We cherished the limited edition designs that Nicholas created for our company."