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Large Aloha Shirt I

Hope For Man

Large Aloha Shirt I


Shirt Story & Profile:

Large Size
100% Cotton Broadcloth
Kahala Label, Style 11, Reversed
Printed in Kurashiki- Chugoku Region, Japan

"Called the 'love flower,' anthuriums are now synonymous with Hawaii and Valentine's Day. The waxen, brilliantly colored flowers come in pure white, shell pink, pink red, orange, deep red, and green.

We have always liked these flowers and commissioned a local artist, Alan Han, to create an anthurium textile design for us. He carefully hand-painted the flowers with special attention to shading and gradation of color, giving the flowers very subtle dimension. Thoughtful attention was given to the layout as well, leaving lots of empty space so that one could really see and appreciate each flower."