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Two Crows

TWO CROWS is comprised by high school friends Nick and Carl. Through watching a local shaper at work, both grew an appreciation for the process of making surfboards.

Ten years later, Nick had made a home on the North shore of Oahu working as a sander alongside Charlie Walker, while Carl had became the main production shaper at Pearson Arrow Surfboards. Looking to get out of town, Carl took Nick up on an invitation to visit him in Hawaii. Following Nicks advice, Carl brought a 3 board quiver designed for surfing in bigger surf. Shortly into the trip, facing flat surf and nothing to do, Nick convinced Carl to build a longboard.

The board they built that day was the template for all the Two Crows to come, even down to a couple old dirty crow laminates that Nick had laying around the shop from another project. Because of that first board, a hurried conversation during a car ride to the airport became a quick return trip to Hawaii for the first batch of boards, and Two Crows was born.

Together, Nick and Carl are the Two Crows, always facing together on the same path. In an industry filled with self righteous and singular egos, the Two Crows symbolize unity and collaboration that is rarely found.