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Toshikazu Nozaka


Toshikazu Nozaka was used to be a pro-skateboarder in early 90s.
Then he shifted to learn Japanese traditional tattoo around the same time. Later, he has done several guest works in various region of Japan, US, and Europe. Meanwhile, he realized that he wants to convey a Japanese spiritual nature to many people as possible through his artwork, then he started doing a solo show and group exhibition in every year since 2003. He has been dealing with the study, inheritance and restructuring of Japanese culture, and is currently working as tattootist, skateboard maker, and contemporary artist in various area. He is also a head of skateboard brand, AsianWave skates,

He has been contributing his artworks to ASAHIbeer, Etnies, Dragon, Redbull, 12snowboards, flux, uppper play ground, and more.

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